“Every woman plotting her way to the top should read ‘Power Dressing’ to decide on her political armor of choice and to gauge the weight of what she wears.”
Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune


“In the ivory tower occupied by political pundits, Young’s book might just make some waves, opening up an honest dialogue about a subject that has remained intellectually taboo despite the relentless tabloid-like attention it attracts.”
Sameer Reddy, New York Times T magazine


“Would I buy 'Power Dressing: First Ladies, Women Politicians & Fashion'? Yes, it’s a marvelous book featuring high quality photographs of fabulous clothing -- haute couture, traditional, and outrĂ©... [and] it is a dazzling foray into the worlds of fashion and politics…”
Bob Etier, Technorati.com

“A must-read.”